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chinese instruments names

Learn the names of musical instruments and other musical terms in Mandarin Chinese.

Musical Instruments - Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary

Promoting Chinese culture ... Blown-woodwind instruments produce sound by blowing ... It has a deep and melancholic tone gives the instrument another name ...

Introduces several types of traditional Chinese musical instrument; Features of traditional Chinese music; Ancient Chinese stories on music.

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Chinese Musical Instruments Pictures With Names

Chinese Instruments. The origins of Chinese music can be dated back to distant antiquity. Ancient Chinese instruments share a deep connection with Heaven and Earth.

Top 10 Traditional Chinese Music - China Whisper

Profile of Chinese traditional string instruments, including plucked strings, bowed strings, and hammered strings.

List of Chinese musical instruments. Music of China; Timeline; General topics; Traditional Chinese instruments ... Cizhonghu – another name for the xiaodihu;

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Pipa - A Chinese lute or guitar, its brief history, photos ...
China People Promotions - Plucked-String - Chinese music
Chinese Instruments - Summer Thunder Music
Pipa - A Chinese lute or guitar, its brief history, photos ...

This vocabulary list will help you learn the names of common birds in Mandarin Chinese. ... Learn the Names of Musical Instruments in Mandarin Chinese.

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China People Promotions - Plucked-String - Chinese music

The plucked stringed instruments are used to a great extent in a Chinese traditional orchestra. There are many plucked stringed instruments compared to a western ...

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Authentic Dunhuang Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments

Guqin: Chinese name; Chinese: ... Legend has it that the qin, the most revered of all Chinese musical instruments, has a history of about 5,000 years.

Top 10 Chinese Musical Instruments - China Whisper

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