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A guide to the instruments used in celtic music, with dozens of links to other resources

Traditional Chinese music instruments - guqin,guzheng,pipa ...
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the physics of music and musical instruments david r. lapp, fellow wright center for innovative science education tufts university medford, massachusetts

Musical Instruments Described Now with (some) pictures! Click on the line drawings to see photos. Here are definitions/descriptions of a bunch of musical instruments.

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Find the best electric and acoustic guitars and accessories including Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Taylor Guitars, Ibanez and more! Complete your rig with Guitar Amps ...

The following list of 15 homemade musical instruments was put together by one of our own music teachers, Willy M. Here's what he had to say about this project:

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Music has been performed with instruments dating back 37,000 years. Take a look at the various instruments that have evolved over time.

These jokes are a continually-growing collection, and unfortunately, I can no longer remember which jokes I heard from whom. If you have ever told, emailed, or ...

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Based on over 10,000 votes, Electric Guitar is ranked number 1 out of 147 choices. Agree? Disagree? Place your vote on the top 10 list of Best Musical Instruments.

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Celtic Harp. Foremost among the traditional instruments of Ireland is the harp, the symbol of the Irish Republic, and also of that country's most popular beverage ...

Long before the Tambourine Man played a song for Bob Dylan, tambourine-like instruments were being used by Ojibwe and Cree people in what is now Canada, in several ...

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Types of Mexican Instruments. The rich tradition of Mariachi, Banda, Nortena and Ranchera sounds are a rich treasure from the Mexican culture. Many common and not-so ...

Introduction to the most popular Chinese string instruments from China and sample music: erhu,guqin,yangqin,pipa,zheng,konghou,Liuqin,ruan,sanxian,yangqin,liuqin...

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Musical Instrument Crafts for Kids: How to Make Musical Instruments Like Drums, Flutes, Kazoos, Bells, Rattles, Guitars, Activities for Children

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